Texas Rare Fruit Growers – 14th Annual Meet & Greet

September 24, 2016 was a day for field trips. Stella and I took the day off to really soak in our community and nature.

It started off by meeting at the garden. Stella had just finished meeting with our first company sponsor! Nothing is set until we receive a check but it’s still very exciting to thing that we are inching towards our goal.

We headed over to a local artists home for morning coffee talk. We brainstormed and came up with some unique ideas for the garden that I hope to get the opportunity to implement. Seeing his backyard was nothing short of amazing. He has really mastered the art of turning “junk” into “treasure”. His passion for creating something extraordinary out of nothing is something we hope to embody into the garden.




The symposium was very informative. It was a humbling experience being able to network and meet other people who have the same growing goals in South Texas. I was impressed at the resources available to us. We also had the pleasure of seeing the Row Maker at work. Our minds boggled at the idea of being able to get one of these for the garden!